Mail to the student body about the director’s response

Dear all,

As some of you already know, following the incident of sexual assault on one of our colleagues, new rules have come into force on campus. Today, we submitted a letter to the director about our deep concerns regarding these new rules (the letter has been attached to this mail, so please do read it. It is very important since it seeks to regulate our movements).

In this mail, we wanted to let you all know what the director’s response to our concerns were in the interest of keeping you all informed. The director has told us that

a. as far as he is concerned, the new rules are in force till June 21, after which a discussion would be held with the student body about these and other rules. He has also assured that an official notice would be out in this regard.
b. as for the rule stating day scholars must be out by 12 a.m. from the campus, he said the rule is being reconsidered since a significant section of us are out of campus
c. those of us coming in late to the hostel must however inform the warden
d. as for being expelled from the hostel if we come in late more than three times, he said that those who come in ‘late’ on a ‘regular’ basis, do not need to be on the hostel campus.
e. he unreservedly supports the idea of discussions with students and that we must provide the institute with inputs on the ways in which it can help us provide better security.

this is the gist of our informal discussions with him. when we come back to campus, let us all discuss this more.

swathi and ankur


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