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December 10, 2009 at 3:19 am Leave a comment

In a campus where we lead separate, disconnected lives, it is indeed a remarkable moment when we do come together to raise a voice, however small.

On the eve of Human Rights Day and in consonance with the International Fortnight Protesting Violence against women (November 25-December 10), a group of students came together to initiate a programme that hopefully marks the beginning of a more vibrant discussion about issues of women on campus and in the outside world.

In an unintended tribute to how women record and pass on their history down generations, songs, so much a part of oral history, were the most powerful part of the programme, ranging as they did from violence within the family to outside to how it impinges on the woman’s perceptions of her self.

The presentations – about students’ initiatives on speaking out on violence against women – were also reflective about various small efforts that people are involved in to bringing into focus issues of women, and different categories of women.

Thus we have the annual Ambedkar Memorial lecture, which for the first time, is focussing on women and Ambedkar’s philosophical standpoint on the question of women. Speaking out against the oppressive violence that Dalit women face, particularly that of sexual violence, a group of students have taken active initiative about a rape case in Beed district to highlight the systemic violence that dalit women are subjected to, because they are women and women of an oppressed caste.

While some students are keenly following the rape case of a former TISS student, which has had repercussions on our lives on campus as well, another presentation by the Committee Against Sexual Harassment sought to demystify this Supreme Court appointed committee and dispel the notion that it is “anti-men”.

For students who want to engage with the world and its structures, we need to break silences – silence especially around women, their lives and the violence that is part of many women’s everyday. And here this evening, the event sought to break this silence on campus.

And as part of this effort to keep talking, TissTalks calls for entries to the blog on the theme gender. Please do write in to tisstalks@gmail.com.


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TISS Students take stand against inaction on caste-based atrocities Talking

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